Will long-distance carriers move plants?

Some carriers have no problem transporting plants, but when traveling a long distance, that may change. Check with your carriers about their policy on moving plants. If your carriers aren't going to move the plants, take them to your car if they fit. Companies in the relocation business usually don't take responsibility for transporting pots with vegetation across state lines because they need care, sunlight and watering from time to time, and carriers simply don't have time to do it, especially if their stuff is going to spend some time in a warehouse.

unit. If you have a vast collection of indoor plants, it's better to leave them with valuable friends and neighbors instead of taking them with you on a long-distance move. These rules are there so that the moving company can comply with the law and keep you and your carriers safe from harm. It is important to know how to properly care for them and how to pack them so that they stay healthy when moving plants over long distances.

Moving indoor plants over long distances can be problematic, as you need to take some steps to ensure that the pots don't break and that the plants themselves remain safe. Professional transporters are not allowed to move plants because the latter are too fragile and almost never survive the moving trip, regardless of their duration. As you pack your personal belongings as you prepare for your move, you may be wondering what items carriers might not take with you for health and safety reasons. The policies for unusual items are different for different moving companies, so you should always check with your moving agents if you have unusual moving needs.

One of the reasons people struggle with a question about how to move household plants long distance is because it takes weeks of planning and preparation, and causes stress on the movement. While all this preparing and learning how to move plants takes time, a team of professional long-distance haulers can take care of everything else. Therefore, if you move a long distance to another part of the country, the most logical option will be to leave your plants in the only place where they feel good. By including or updating my mobile phone information, I authorize Trico Long Distance Movers to call or send SMS text messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or a pre-recorded message to my mobile phone number to provide account information and services related to my long distance move.

Doing so could void your contract with the moving company and invalidate any protection if the plants cause a disaster that damages your belongings.

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