Will i be happier if i move to another state?

When it comes to relocating, “nothing you focus on will make as much difference as you think,” Schkade and Kahneman wrote. This doesn't mean that you won't (or can't) be happier in a new place, but that increasing happiness in your living environment requires more than just a change of scenery. It's to know the root cause of what he calls us. It is knowing what we expect from the new location that a move can and cannot offer when it comes to happiness.

And it's knowing that moving isn't easy. In fact, relocation and job change are consistently ranked as some of life's most stressful events. But moving continuously has its downsides, according to Warnick. Research shows that people who like their hometown and neighbors are less anxious and have greater well-being; are less likely to suffer physical illness, heart attack, or stroke; and even live longer.

And a survey found that the happier residents are with their city, the more it will prosper economically. This could be because what they want to find is something that won't be solved by simply exchanging one house or location for another. A better street, or being closer to school or work won't magically make you feel happier or calmer.

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