Which is the best rated long distance moving company?

Online moving quotes tend to be much less accurate than in-person quotes, so paying too much attention to them is not advisable. Plus, with over 500 local movers, North American Van Lines has one of the largest fleets in the country, so chances are they can service your move whether you're in Arizona or Arkansas. Regardless of the number of times you've moved from one city to another, you don't want to compare the hassles of cross-border moves to a local move. International Van Lines is perfect for a customer who wants one moving company to handle all parts of their move.

Yes, professionals make moving easy, but there are more reasons to pay more money to hire domestic movers rather than moving yourself. If money is tighter, you can have movers pack only your most fragile items or pack everything yourself and simply have movers load and transport. After all, it is interstate moves that require much more preparation and organisation than local moves. The mover has a wide range of long distance moving services for business, residential customers and military personnel.

A complete long-distance moving service is offered, with additional assistance in cleaning out your old house and packing your electronics. Give your movers two months' notice to prepare for your move and avoid a higher last-minute fee. Their long history of excellent service delivery, combined with highly professional customer service, has earned them the admiration of customers across the country as a trusted moving company that never fails. International Van Lines is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a full-service long distance moving company.

Movers often charge a fee for items such as heavy safes, lawn mowers, pianos, hot tubs, large tool chests, etc. This will be a budget that will not change drastically over the course of your move despite unforeseen or changing circumstances.

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