What states give you money to move there?

And the financial incentives offered are no joke. Our senior editorial staff verifies the data in our content to reflect accuracy and ensure that our readers receive solid information and advice to make the smartest and healthiest decisions. We adhere to structured guidelines for obtaining information and linking to other resources, including scientific studies and medical journals. Looking for a change? There are cash incentives to move to these states.

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The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is a dividend paid to Alaskans who have lived in the state for a full calendar year. The small town of Lincoln, Kansas, is currently accepting applications for its Free Home Site Program, which provides free land to potential eligible home builders. Newton, Iowa, located just outside of Des Moines, has a significant housing incentive for newcomers who want to live there. Topeka, Kansas, has a program called Choose Topeka Relocation Incentive that offers money to move to Topeka or the surrounding Shawnee County area.

Many others list specific home purchase grants, tax breaks, annual memberships to local co-working spaces, and money to spend on small businesses, including restaurants, gyms, shops, and other services. If you are interested in getting rid of the most expensive costs, this is where you can earn some money with your move. A growing number of cities are offering money to entice digital nomads to move there, especially after the pandemic has changed the outlook of almost every industry and reliance on remote work.

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