What should not be moved over long distances?

At the top of our list of items to avoid moving long distances are bulky items. Of course, DVDs and books take up a lot of space when packed. Heavy items are more likely to cause damage. Avoid packing your boxes so that they are heavy.

Spread heavy items over several boxes. A large box of books can be a big threat if dropped, not to mention difficult to transport. You should get rid of unwanted items before any move, but one of our top tips for long-distance moves is to downsize considerably. Get rid of clothes you haven't worn in the last year, appliances you've never touched and books you'll never read again.

Seriously, if you don't use it, want it or need it to survive, we recommend you throw it away, donate it or have a garage sale. Purging your belongings could reduce the price of your moving budget and make packing and unpacking easier. Moving is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter, so before you start packing for the move, set aside things to donate or sell. You should also throw away items that are broken or damaged.

There's no point dragging a malfunctioning toaster across the country. If you take these steps before you pack, you'll cut down on the time you spend packing everything, and you'll also save money on moving supplies - fewer boxes and less tape. You may even be able to rent a smaller moving truck.

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