What is the cheapest way to move your stuff long distance?

Quotes from movers and truck rental companies often suggest that moving trucks are the cheapest option. Depending on your time, physical capabilities, access to help, and other factors, you may need more support than the cheapest moving service. If you are looking for the cheapest way to move a distance of several hundred miles or less, you can't do better than renting a moving truck. In a coast-to-coast move, it's faster to fly while your things are in transit, and the costs of flying are usually lower than driving a rental truck thousands of miles.

To find the cheapest way to move across the country, consider all your options and all your preferences. When it comes to moving services, there are many options, and the cheapest one depends on your specific needs. The total price of your long distance move will depend on your location, how far you are moving, how much stuff you need to move and the type of moving service you choose. We have gathered quotes from national movers to reveal what is the cheapest way to move across the country.

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