How much does the move cost per kilometre?

Prices vary, but the average rate nationwide for a long-distance move is 50 cents per pound and about 75 cents per mile. The rate per mile generally decreases the further you travel. Factors that affect this hourly rate include labour costs, services such as packing or climbing an excessive number of stairs, furniture assembly and additional add-ons. The cost of moving to another state depends on the weight and number of items you have to move, their uniqueness and any additional charges.

Movers usually charge a "per-mile rate," and other possible costs may include toll or fuel charges. If you are moving interstate, the cost of your move will be determined by the weight of your personal belongings and the distance between your old home and your new home. If you are moving to a large house, you will probably need more than one container, which can add considerably to the total cost. Ask friends and family for help - Unless you are willing to pay professional movers or labour, try asking friends and family for help.

If budget is your main concern, then you will want to consider some alternative options to full-service movers. Ladders at the initial moving location or at the new destination can increase moving costs because they require more work for the movers and present more risk of injury or damage. The cost varies depending on how far the items are moved, the total weight and whether you pack them yourself. In some relocation cases, the COVID-19 pandemic may also affect the cost of hiring professional movers in your city or town.

Moving items, such as antiques and collectibles, add to the total cost of the move, as movers have to take special care with the items during transport. Movers can provide a non-binding or binding estimate of the cost of the expected weight. But how much do removals cost? There are several factors that come into play when determining how much you will pay for the move. The next thing you should do to minimise the damage to your moving budget is to carefully compare quotes from different movers and choose the best one, which, mind you, is not always the lowest bid on the table.

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