How much do movers charge per kilometre?

Prices vary, but the average rate nationwide for a long-distance move is 50 cents per pound and about 75 cents per mile. The rate per mile usually decreases the further you travel. Experienced movers will usually give a ballpark figure for moving costs based on the number and type of rooms in the house. Another question is whether the mover is properly licensed (Motor Carrier & DOT licensing) to move goods across state lines or in some cases there is a distance restriction for them.

Dragging heavy items up stairs or waiting in a slow lift will undoubtedly lengthen the time it takes for the mover to complete the job. Before hiring a mover, consider these moving cost factors that could affect what you will pay for your moves. All interstate movers are required by federal law to offer customers Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. In addition to special items, some movers may have additional charges (beyond their hourly rate) for disassembling and reassembling furniture or moving extremely heavy items.

If you decide to hire a flat-rate mover, it is important to ask whether the rate is truly flat or whether you will have to pay additional charges for such things as moving furniture up stairs or transporting special items (e.g., moving a building). The cost of hiring professional local movers is usually calculated on an hourly rate, which may increase as more movers or moving trucks are needed. To avoid wasting time waiting for movers to find your insurance cards in the middle of the move, try to clarify this beforehand. Movers often charge a "mileage rate," and other possible costs may include tolls or fuel charges.

Movers' rates are not non-negotiable, so you should try to get a better deal from your pre-selected movers. Professional movers will usually disassemble your furniture for you, but if you can disassemble it yourself, you can reduce the number of hours of labour you pay for. As a general rule, local movers charge by the hour, regardless of the type of activity they are performing at the time.

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