How are long-distance movements calculated?

The cost of an interstate or long-distance move is determined by the weight of the shipment, the mileage between origin and destination, and labor costs. Calculating the cost of a local move is slightly different. Intrastate movements are based on a fixed amount in dollars per hour. If you are traveling long distances (more than 100 miles), you will need the services of long-distance carriers.

Long-distance transfers are calculated based on the weight of your belongings and the distance transported. Every company is different, but you're likely to be charged a per-pound rate and a per-mile rate. Long-distance moves are trips or trips that cover more than 100 miles or even trips to another state. Long distance travel can be very exciting, especially when done with friends, family or other loved ones.

When determining the cost of a move, each moving company has its own way of calculating the costs of a move. If you can't get help moving a large item or have no way to transport it, you can hire a local moving company to pick up and transport a single item. Sometimes, small changes, such as changing the day of the move for a few days or leaving behind a bulky item such as a pool table, can lead to big savings. Always ask the moving company what kind of quotes they provide and request a home quote instead of a phone quote.

So, be sure to ask the long-distance moving companies whose services you intend to sponsor to be sure how much that service would cost you if there are some attached to it. Knowing how much your move is likely to cost will help you plan your move and avoid unpleasant surprises on move day. That's why we created this long distance moving cost calculator to help you take into account all the variables that go into the price of this type of move. You can also use the moving cost calculator at the top of this page to get an idea of what your move should cost.

Homeowners with lots of moving boxes and furniture may need more than the two normal carriers and this will also cause the cost of moving to rise. Long-distance movements take a lot more time, meaning you'll pay more for the driver's time and effort. You may be surprised how little difference in costs is between doing it yourself and having a professional moving company handle your move. Additional costs to consider with local and long-distance moves include packing materials, labor, and time to assemble furniture when they arrive at their new home (if desired) and special packaging, such as dish boxes, cupboards, and mattress bags.

The cost of your move also depends on whether you want other moving services, such as packing, unpacking, storing and making custom crafts. Long distance carriers, when calculating the cost, consider several factors before reaching a conclusion about how much they would charge to move their baggage. The price of moving long distance will cost you several thousand dollars compared to local moves because you have a lot of furniture to move, as well as the size of your home. Long-distance moving prices tend to be higher than local ones, and if you have large furniture or a large house, you can expect a few thousand dollars in moving expenses.

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